First Fetal Movement?

Today I was talking to my mom in Skype sitting on a sofa with the laptop on my knees, when I suddenly felt some baby movements in the belly! It’s my 16th-17th week of pregnancy. And they say, you normally feel first fetal movements in your 20th week if it’s your first pregnancy, and in the 16th-18th if it’s your second/third etc. baby. And it’s my absolutely first pregnancy! This is why I wasn’t absolutely sure, that what I had was fetal movement, but I really wanted to think so. After all, what else could it be if not the baby?

For a while, I stopped talking and was just listening to my mom keeping a hand on the belly, trying not to breathe, and waiting for the baby to kick me again, when I suddenly felt another slight kick somewhere down, on the left! I was feeling like crying – I was so happy to finally feel my baby inside! This was one of the happiest days in my life!

I think, I felt one more kick after it during the conversation, but all three kicks were soo slight. Waiting for more kicks!

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