My Probable Pregnancy and Sport

So, yesterday was a pretty happy day. Although I still don’t know if I’m pregnant and I still can’t say these words to my husband: “Darling, we’re going to have a baby”. But we already started “taking care of me”. And my problems started with it, too.

I’m a pretty active person, I play (professional) badminton three times a week and do Pilates, dancing and sometimes yoga. I stopped with the latter three this last week of delay, but I really wanted to play some badminton, besides, we always do it together with my husband. But I had to promise I would not jump, run a lot, make too abrupt movements… (otherwise it can lead to miscarriage). Well, it means, I almost would not play, as badminton contains of all this :(.

Although we still don’t know if I’m pregnant, we need to behave as if I am, I do understand this, but it was so hard not to jump, not to hit smashes, and in the end when I was about to lose the game I started to play as I always do. I’m a bad mother, I know, but I probably don’t have the necessary hormones in my body that would stop me yet. I will probably better not play at all during pregnancy, because it’s impossible to play if you are not allowed to do EVERYTHING you can to win. By the way, I won most of the games :)!

To be honest, I had some light pain while I was playing – somewhere in the underbelly, inside, but I’ve been having it almost always since we (hopefully) conceived. And this pain was actually the reason why I called my doctor about 2.5 weeks ago. So, after my today’s physical activity I didn’t have any discharge (the sign of miscarriage). Let’s hope, my baby’s ok there (first of all, let’s hope, he/she IS there). I try to believe, I will be strong and not play, really. Coz I still can dance and do Pilates… This fact calms.

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