No Threatened Miscarriage Anymore

I’m so happy, my pregnancy’s out of danger! My blood test shows, there’re no signs of threatened miscarriage! But I’m still recommended to stay at home and lie most of the day, as my symptoms were not good.

What you may be recommended by your doctor is to:

  • take 400-800 mg folic acid daily,
  • take 200 mg vitamin E daily,
  • eat protein rich foods,
  • eat 5-6 times a day, little portions.

Another recommendation from my doctor is to listen to the music I enjoy and autogenic training. All pregnant women can pretty often experience fear, like “is everything ok with the baby?”. Telling yourself “everything’s going to be ok” is said to help.

Having enough sleep (my favorite recommendation :)) goes without saying!

Unfortunately, no sports and fitness are allowed now 🙁 and I’m usually very active. Hopefully, I will continue training soon. For now I’m only allowed to walk a lot (they say, walking is the best kind of physical activity for pregnant women), which I try to do regularly.

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