Pregnant or Not?

Yesterday morning the pregnancy test showed two lines. Both tests. It was my 7th day of delay, so, according to a number of articles I found on the Internet, this is a good day for a pregnancy test and exactly the time when the doctor can detect pregnancy with the ultrasound, so I went to her to find it out. But, unfortunately, she couldn’t. She said, it’s probably because the egg was still traveling through the tubes from the ovary into my uterus. I wasn’t so much afraid of not being pregnant, as I was of having an extrauterine pregnancy. I heard it really hurts and requires an op. There’s no woman who would want her first pregnancy to be ectopic. Other pregnancies as well. So, according to my gynecologist, I don’t have extrauterine pregnancy, as I don’t have some liquid somewhere. Also, she said, you can trust pregnancy tests. But I still need to come again for another ultrasound scanning next Thursday to be sure. I really can’t wait for this day!

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  1. Valerie Mondesir Alarcon

    Valerie Mondesir Alarcon

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