Threatened Miscarriage

I haven’t written for a few weeks, since I haven’t been well during this time. Unfortunately, what I have is called threatened miscarriage.

The sings of this condition are any kind of bleeding (from bright red to brown), spotting, clots, severe abdominal pain, spasms, lower back pain. So, if you have these symptoms (especially bleeding!), consult your health care specialist immediately!

My doctor also says, toxicosis is also not a good sign. Ideally, you shouldn’t have it at early stages of pregnancy. As for me, I do sometimes feel sick, but this feeling disappears when I eat something (what? – it depends) or drink water or kefir.

As soon as you have any spasms – just lay down and try to relax and breathe with your abs.

I was recommended to lie on the sofa most of the time at home. Fortunately, I can even work this way with my laptop. Otherwise, if your family can’t provide you such conditions, it’s better to go to hospital, if possible, because when the woman with threatening miscarriage is at home, she anyway does all the things around the house from time to time and threatens the life of her baby even more. Besides, for most families it’s not so easy to make the husband do this all.

Fortunately, I don’t have bleeding now, but when I’m standing for a long time – washing the dishes, for instance, – the spasms and even the back pain start again. I’m simply following the recommendations and try to stay calm.

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