Baby Born to the British Royal Family

December was marked by a festive occasion for the royal family of Great Britain, when a baby girl was born to Peter Phillips and his wife Autumn.

Peter Phillips and Autumn

The girl came into this world at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital on Wednesday weighing 8 lbs, 8 oz. There is no official information as yet as to her name.

Mr. Peter Phillips – who is Princess Anne’s son and Princes William and Harry’s cousin – was at his wife’s side during the birth, as Queen Elizabeth’s press secretary informed UsMagazine. It is also known that the news was passed on to the family members – the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh, the Princess Royal, as well as Captain Mark Phillips and Autumn’s relatives. All the family are rejoicing at the birth.

Since their marriage in 2008 Peter and his wife have been residing in Hong Kong, but they came over to the UK for the birth of their child. They were in time to be present at Buckingham Palace at the Queen’s Christmas-welcoming family lunch.

The newcomer holds the twelfth place in the line to the British Throne, coming before Zara Phillips. She is Peter and Autumn’s first child, also being Princess Anne’s first grandchild and the first great-grandchild for the reigning queen.

Source of the image: Dailymail.

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