Bethenny Frankel Shares How She Coped with Her Miscarriage

Bethenny Frankel is known by her fans to be a sincere woman who shares her joys, sorrows, and lessons she learned, and these days she has things to tell, even if they do not qualify as very good news. Bethenny Frankel Discussing her family life on the Today show with host Savannah Guthrie on Monday, Frankel was close to tears as she spoke of her (and her husband Jason Hoppy’s) recent bereavement. The couple, who already have one child, daughter Bryn, not yet two years of age, wanted to bear a sibling for Bryn – a wish that wasn’t to come true, as the Bethenny Ever After star suffered a miscarriage when the fetus was eight weeks old. The following period was for the 41-year-old Skinnygirl Cocktails founder a time of coming to terms with the misfortune. Her first onset of feelings was a refusal to believe in what people have to go through. She recounted that she felt beset by “a roller coaster of emotions,” asking herself whether she would be able to bear another child, whether she had badly failed as a wife, or whether her age was catching up with her… “There are so many things that come,” she explained. What the reality show star did to get out from under the burden of the loss was take more care of her daughter. She had quality time with Bryn and confessed she felt grateful to her for the solace and peace of mind. Gushed Frankel, “I do have an incredible daughter.”

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