Beyoncé Shares How the Surrogacy Gossip Felt

It’s understandable that celebritites come in for their share of rumors, but only so far as the rumors themselves are understandable. Unfortunately, it is not always the case with Beyoncé.

Beyonce Showing a Pregnant Belly

The rumors that keep pestering the singer – who is hailed as PEOPLE’s 2012 Most Beautiful Woman – sprang up when the news of her pregnancy was unveiled. Gossip had it that Beyoncé and Jay-Z had opted to have their first child via a surrogate mother.

As the singer shared with PEOPLE, the rumor was so stupid that she didn’t even feel offended. “It was just crazy,” were her thoughts, and how on Earth people come up with that sort of utterly foolish nonsense.

Naturally, the reaction of Beyoncé’s mother, Tina Knowles, was different, with a harsher side to it. She referred to the surrogacy rumors as “diabolical.”

She admitted that she had felt pained by the absurdity of the speculations that were “unfair” and “cruel.” And while she was wondering who would want to play it up for nine months, now and then she had to deal with the rumors firsthand – like with an Australian interview that spoke of Beyoncé displaying a prosthetic bump. Knowles had to answer back explaining that it was but a fold in the fabric.

The birth of little Blue Ivy did nothing to kill off the speculations! Moreover, a new rumor rose, to the effect that Beyoncé and Jay-Z had demanded unusually heavy security measures that interfered with the hospital life. Once again the 30-year-old singer had to comment on the ridiculousness of it.

Thankfully, the stupid rumors were far outweighed by good wishes and love messages from Beyoncé’s fans worldwide, said Knowles, their support helped live down the plague of irresponsible allegations.

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