Britney Spears Charged with Having Sex with Children Present

Britney Spears is facing multiple odious charges of mistreating her children morally and physically, including having sex in their presence.

Britney Spears and kids

The charges were brought by the pop star’s former bodyguard, Fernando Flores. He filed them on Wednesday, and RadarOnline succeeded in perusing a copy of the lawsuit. RadarOnline also reports that Flores filed a complaint with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing and arranged for suing letter from the agency.

In it Flores described various incidents when Britney mistreated her children willfully. One episode involved Flores’s belt which Britney lent and ran on to hit her elder son Sean Preston with it in what the plaintiff referred to as a “savage” manner two or more times. According to Flores, the child was “screaming in terror and pain”.

Another alleged offence occurred when the singer insisted her sons eat crabmeat, although the boys are allergic to seafood. It ended with the kids throwing up. The suit contends that the defendant “explicitly prevented” Flores and the boys’ nanny from bringing in paramedics.

Other charges include sexual harassment when on various occasions Spears presented herself to the guard dressed partially or provocatively in see-through clothes; twice she called him in and was completely naked. Flores also alleges sexual advances. There were two incidents when, upon returning from her errands, Flores found her engaged in sex.

In California, while checking the perimeter of the hotel Spears was staying at, the guard noticed her “loudly having sexual relations while her two children were in the suite with her.”

Flores also mentions being witness to a bizarre scene in which the singer called herself “White Trash” when talking to her sons.

The plaintiff claims to have been horrified and disturbed at the incidents stated and demands redress for psychological damage sustained while at Spears’ employment.

Source of the image: Babble.

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