The Cause of Lily Allen’s Miscarriage Revealed

The reasons why the singer Lily Allen lost her baby 6 months into pregnancy have been made known. Viral infection, which the artist suffered may be the cause.

Lily Allen pregnant

Last week, Lily cancelled an appearance at a charity event held over the weekend. Her spokesperson said she could not take to the stage at the Grey Goose Character & Cocktails Elton John Aids Foundation event as she was suffering from a virus. Meanwhile, it is during the period of ailment that Lily had the miscarriage.

After three months into pregnancy, she did ultrasound and the doctors told her that everything is in order. She was very nervous because she has had a miscarriage before and did not tell anyone about her pregnancy. Just after being sure that everything is all right, Lily shared her happy news. She dreamed of becoming a mother and showed her tummy to everyone. But now, it is a nightmare for her and Sam. It is too early to say when she will be able to cope with this blow, a family friend told the Daily Mail.

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