Céline Dion’s Twins are on the Way

Yes, it will be twins for the famous Céline Dion, 42, and her managering husband René Angelil, and two siblings for their first-born, René-Charles, who is into his 15th year.

Canada’s silver-voiced singer is pregnant, her rep Kim Jakwerth gives out, as a result of her sixth in-vitro fertilization attempt; she is also using acupuncture to help her along. Dion is on her third month, and the gender of the twins will soon be known.

Dion and Angelil have long been waiting for this to happen, and they are overjoyed at there being two! “We’re ecstatic,” the father told PEOPLE.

Source of the image: Plugrtl.be.

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  1. Nadiyah

    O My God ! Really ??!!! cant believe it Yupiiiii thank god ! Congrats Celine. LOVE YOU. muahh

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