Custody Battle over Halle Berry’s Daughter

When it comes to the subject of daughter Nahla’s custody, Gabriel Aubry isn’t going to lose to his former girlfriend Halle Berry so easily. Having received a slap in the first round, Aubry launched a counterattack.

Halle Berry with daughter Nahla

The 32-year-old father took Nahla out for a stroll around the Los Angeles Zoo park. In full view of the people present and a paparazzi camera, the girl snuggled up to her dad while he was trying to show his affection and enjoyment of his 2-year-old girl’s company.

No matter how much of it was due to a desire to win over public sympathy and prove his parental worth to Berry, this open display of doting went counter statements from a source close to the actress that several times Nahla had returned home from a visit to her father in a state that was described as “traumatized”.

That latest part of the grim fight that is being fought in the media came several hours in the wake of the court permission for Berry to bring her daughter over to New York that will enable her to meet work commitments.

The actress’ previous attempt to take her daughter on a trip across the country seems to have been stymied by the French-Canadian model (who is out of work for the time being). This time, as can be alleged from what different sources give out, Berry extended an offer to her ex-boyfriend to get him a room at a hotel that would allow him to see the child while she will be away at the shoot. It is reported that Aubry turned the offer down, saying that there was no reason why she couldn’t just leave the child with him in Los Angeles (courtesy of TMZ).

But that’s just what Berry doesn’t want to do, harboring “serious concerns” about the judiciousness of leaving Nahla with her father – she was heard saying so in public.

Berry attended the hearing of the case at a Los Angeles court the other day; after the model had blocked her attempt to take Nahla along on a trip she made it to the court, even if it meant her chucking a role in New Year’s Eve. While she is being replaced by Katherine Heigl, who has already started on her part, Berry went off to be present at the custody case.

And her sacrifice hadn’t been in vain: the judge, having listened to what both sides had to say, ruled that she could take the daughter with her.

The court ruling made the 44-year-old actress happy, as was affirmed by her lawyer to the TMZ site after the hearing was over. He voiced his client’s gratitude to the judge for looking painstakingly into the matter, going through reams of documents and giving a fair opportunity to put forward arguments in this “very imminent and important issue”.

Besides, she was offered to stay in the film cast with another role assigned to her.

As for Aubry, who had filed a petition for partial custody of his daughter last December, he is said to have withdrawn it but is going to press on with a paternity action. A paternity action, unlike a custody petition, is not a procedure open for public attendance.

The model aims to secure the fatherly rights for Nahlia this way. He considers it essential because he is in possession of no written statement that would allow him access to his daughter. He is afraid that after their blow-up Berry may deny him access.

All the while his attempts to protect his parental rights were met with bursts of angry remonstrance. Aubry has already been accused of a stab at Berry on racial grounds.

Then the model was reported by a source, in an unsavory incident, to fume at hearing his daughter referred to as “black”.

By origin Nahla has white and African-American blood in her, and Berry was known – before their public animosity flared up – to say that to her the child is black. She added that she believes in the “one-drop theory”, the disputable historic attempt at racial classification.

Source of the image: Fancyfreedom.

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