Custody Battle Over Suri Is Going to Be Tough

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes stand a good chance of going down the Hollywood history for one of the worst custody battles ever, and Scientology may be one of the stumbling blocks of the issue, according to RadarOnline’s exclusive report. Cruise’s church commitments rank too high for him to let his daughter out, while Holmes is inclined to take a dim view of the church’s regulations.

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise

That was one of the main – and unceasing – reasons for clashes between the couple when they were living together, as RadarOnline had from a source close to Holmes. The actress maintains that what Suri needs is a regular kind of upbringing with a decent school education and lots of friends – the things she will never get as a scientologist, she is sure. “Now they are apart she is adamant she is going to have Suri raised outside of the church,” tells the source.

As is well-known by this time, the illustrious couple are all for terminating their 5-year-long marriage; it was announced Friday that Holmes was filing for divorce and means to retain sole custody of their daughter Suri, 6.

A source friendly with the father tells that Cruise would never allow his daughter to be torn from Scientology and wants her to have friends only within the church, so Holmes is in for a hard fight.

Several years ago Holmes – as a result of long bickering – managed to get Suri enrolled in a Catholic pre-school institution, but that was only a temporary victory, because her husband doesn’t intend to give in and give Suri a Scientology schooling.

The Cruise source assured RadarOnline that the actor is “incredibly passionate” in his beliefs, he is deep into it and isn’t just a spokesman or a dabbler. He is confident that the teachings radically affect people’s lives and if one wished for the best life for their children they ought to be raised as true scientologists.

“Tom will move Heaven and Earth to ensure Suri stays a Scientologist,” said the source, and unless she will want to quit when she has become of age, she will be brought up a scientologist.

The two may want to wage a religious war between them as part of the custody settlement, but it’s a moot question how far it will be tolerated in court. New York and L.A. attorneys are unanimous in doubts that the judge would consent to be involved in this side of the debates.

Talking over the issue with RadarOnline, L.A.’s prominent divorce lawyer Grace Jamra said that the question of religious upbringing may cause concern only if Holmes could show that the religious tenets are not working for Suri and she has taken to acting up, developed problems or shows poor progress at school. The best interests of the girl would be the decisive point in ruling – if this issue is to be dealt with in court at all.

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