David Beckham Tops Best Celebrity Fathers List

In general, we did not doubt this fact, and the results of a new survey have just confirmed our hypothesis: the majority of British young men said they considered David Beckham a role model of an “ideal celebrity father”.


A sportsman, a businessman and a handsome guy raises three sons (according to his own admission, he tries to be strict with them, but he does not always manage to do it and pampers the boys from time to time) and a baby-daughter, who has become the favorite of everyone, who follows the celebrities’ life. The family pictures published in the tabloids cannot but cause emotions. In any case, that is what the majority of respondents said.

It is interesting that the second place in the list went to Prince William. The young King has not even become a father (the child is expected to be born on July 13), and 18 percent of the respondents are already sure that there is no better dad than him. We cannot fail to trust them!

The top ten also included: the father of four children, star chef Jamie Oliver; the husband of Lara Stone, comedian David Walliams, British Prime Minister David Cameron, Gwyneth Paltrow’s husband and rocker Chris Martin, as well as other famous British fathers.

While making the rating, more than 400 men were interviewed, and all of them noted that, despite their busy schedule, the heroes of the list devoted their time to children and seemed to derive real pleasure from it.

This is the top ten of best celebrity fathers according to the survey conducted by the popular resource TVBet:

  1. David Beckham 24%
  2. Prince William 18%
  3. Peter Andre 11%
  4. Wayne Rooney 10%
  5. Jamie Oliver 8%
  6. David Walliams 7%
  7. David Cameron 7%
  8. Chris Martin 5%
  9. Steven Gerrard 5%
  10. Ed Miliband 1%

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