Is Drew Barrymore Expecting?

Drew Barrymore’s long-standing family wishes are coming true – and maybe in more ways than one, as the possibility of her being pregnant is being discussed online.

Drew Barrymore

Hard on the heels of the news of the actress’s engagement to art consultant Will Kopelman after about a year of dating came a photograph that can be seen on TMZ’s site – it showed Barrymore stepping out of a doctor’s office and holding a sonogram. This weekend visit raises a question whether the actress and her fiancé already have a baby on the way.

Drew Barrymore

Of course the sonogram can mean other things besides a bun in the oven, and Barrymore’s rep declined to comment on the rumors, but it’s fairly well-known that the 36-year-old actress has been in a family gear for quite a while.

Five years ago, when talking to PEOPLE, Barrymore had a lot to say about family. She said she “would absolutely love to have it” in any form, be it either her own children or adopted ones. “I definitely feel the beginnings of a tick-tock,” she stated.

It was confirmed only last month to PEOPLE by a source close to the couple. They are both eager to become parents, the source said, especially Will, for whom family is very important.

The actress’s clothes preference has also undergone a visible shift. Her usually bohemian style is now replaced with loose-fitting wearables.

At a celebration of Marni’s new line for H&M past weekend, Barrymore was drawn into a discussion of her wedding dress. The question made her laugh out, and she told the reporters that it’s still being considered. She only knows that she would like it to be “something tasteful, something timeless.”

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