Evangeline Lilly Had 8 Hours of Pushing Giving Birth to Son

When it came to giving birth to her first child, Evangeline Lilly knew what she wanted – and got it even if it meant eight hours of ongoing labor!

Evangeline Lilly gave birth

As the time was approaching – last May – the Real Steel star decided on a home birth. And even when the situation got a mite complicated, she stood her ground.

The whole story came out during Lilly’s interview on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Monday. The movie star told how she “actually skipped the hospital” wanting to have a home birth, never expecting that the natural way would stretch for 30 hours – including 8 hours of pushing!

That’s what goes for a great difference between men and women, Lilly muses; 8 hours of pushing means not a big deal to men but makes women gasp in horror! It was too much even for the midwife who came up with some advice after having watched five hours of labor.

When the actress’s midwife and birthing assistant approached her with their suggestions, the first thing Lilly felt was indignation… “I was like, ‘Really? After five hours of pushing you have a few suggestions? You couldn’t have told me five minutes in?’”

After her son was born, the 32-year-old first-time mother intended to go recluse in terms of career for a while, but that was just another wish that didn’t come out as had been hoped.

Her happy union with the son was broken into by Peter Jackson who called her with a proposal to play an elf in The Hobbit. Is it any wonder Lilly leaped at the suggestion? She agreed at once – and soon found herself “strapped in” to four shooting commitments.

But it was never regarded as a reason to stay off her son – the baby was brought to the shooting every day to be near his mom, although at times he didn’t feel it that way. The Hobbit’s cast member remembers the instant when she snatched out a moment to nurse the son and was surprised at his violent fit of screaming – until she realized that she wasn’t looking like his mother at all! She was all fairy-tale pointed-eary creature that looked right out of this world.

Later that evening when she was breastfeeding the baby at home and he was behaving normal, Lilly’s partner Norman Kali said to her that if he could talk he would want to recount to her a strange thing that had happened to him in the afternoon!

Whatever, Evangeline Lilly means to go on until she has a “brood” of children.

Source of the image: Celebritybabyscoop.

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