Fergie Is Pregnant with Twins

Hardly did we start rejoicing for Fergie’s pregnancy when blogger Laloca brought one more news – the singer and her husband actor Josh Duhamel are going to have a double recruiting in their family.

Fergie plans baby

Fergie has recently written in her blog that there will be three of them.

Now, it turns out, there will be four – doctors have told the couple that they are expecting twins.

The would-be parents’ relatives rushed to share the news immediately:

“Fergie and Josh feel like they hit the baby jackpot. They waited a long time, but it’s all paying off because they say they’re expecting twins. They couldn’t be happier! “

They say Josh Duhamel, who feared that one child would be able to turn the house upside down, is now joyfully visualizing what two kids can do.

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