Giuliana and Bill Rancic Don’t Lose Hope to Get Pregnant

When it’s a question of having children, Giuliana and Bill Rancic are determined to come through with it no matter what – even though in vitro fertilization let them down twice last year. The first time it ended in a miscarriage, and the second time it simply didn’t work, as Miss USA 2011 host told at The Talk on Tuesday – “it’s been really tough.”

Giuliana Rancic with husband

But for the Rancic couple it only means that there’s going to be the third time. Their doctor voiced his belief that she would get pregnant, and Giuliana, 35, is getting ready for her next IVF transfer “in the near future.”

Further on, if the IVF fails them the third time, the Rancics have already decided what they would do – adopt a child. The host, who hails from Naples, shared that when they came over to Italy she experienced a connection with her native city and thought it might be a good idea to adopt a child from Naples.

Unexpectedly there were some of her Twitter followers who didn’t see eye to eye with her on this point. Several tweets the host received told her firmly to adopt an American child – and while Rancic agrees wholeheartedly that American kids need help, she doesn’t think it is quite right to advise a woman on that point. When adopting, a woman is to follow her heart.

So, the infertility issue doesn’t get Giuliana Rancic down. She shares that they have taken some time off and are enjoying good things in life trying to keep up a positive attitude and hoping to have a child in the long run.

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