Giuliana and Bill Rancic Are Expecting a Baby

Probably a couple with the longest history of trying to bear a child, Giuliana and Bill Rancic seem to have stepped on their final stretch of the road. The E! News host appeared on Monday’s Today show to happily announce that a baby is on the way!

Giuliana Rancic Is Expecting
The 37-year-old TV host spoke of the occasion as an answer to her and her husband’s prayers, and Bill Rancic, 40, stepped in to thank everyone who had been following their struggle story and said they feel “absolutely ecstatic.”

The Rancics have gone through infertility problems, a disastrous miscarriage and Giuliana’s developing breast cancer. Most of the bumpy ride went into creating of the Style Network reality show Giuliana & Bill with a fifth season in progress.

Rancic took her miscarriage two years ago so hard that she was on the verge of giving up on the whole idea. “I was angry at life and at God,” she said about the time, although after a while she rallied round and the family resorted to in vitro fertilization.

The keen desire made Rancic’s mind in favor of having a double mastectomy done in December, for lumpectomy and radiation therapy mean years of medication treatment which would have rendered childbearing impossible.

The Rancics are going to be genetic parents; the gestational carrier is said to live in another state, but the couple make a point of accompanying her to the doctor’s checkups.

They already know the sex of the baby, but they would like to keep it secret for a while, said Giuliana, and see how long they succeed in it!

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