Heidi Klum Shows Her Daughter

Heidi Klum has shown her baby girl, Lou Sulola Samuel, to the press. Young parents proudly introduced their baby, describing her as being beautiful beyond words.

Heidi Klum with Baby

Lou, one and a half months old, is Heidi Klum’s baby from her husband Seal. Older Lou’s sister, Leni, is Klum’s daughter from previous relationship. The 36-year-old model gave birth to her baby girl on October 9.

Heidi Klum's Baby

The 46-year-old Seal posted pictures of his wife and daughter on his personal web page. Lou is seen in the company of her mother, father and older brothers and sisters.

Father with Baby

The birth of the daughter didn’t affect Klum’s great shape. Soon after having the baby, she hit the catwalk as one of the Victoria’s Secret angels.

Hedi Klum and Her Children

Source of the images: celebrities.gearlive.com.

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