How Did Hillary Duff Lose 30 lbs Baby Weight?

In a little over a month Luca Cruz Comrie, son of Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie, will count out his first year, and will go on making his parents overjoyed. When the couple were seen on Monday at the PGA Tour Wives Association 25th Anniversary Event in Santa Monica, Calif., witnesses say they looked very romantic together, ever exchanging glances and “smiling goofily at each other,” as Us Weekly quoted.

Hillary Duff Is Trying to Lose Baby Weight

According to Duff, the witnesses are not mistaken. The former teen idol, now 25, is totally satisfied with her marriage. She described Comrie to Us as “the sweetest, most thoughtful, romantic person” who always takes care of her wishes and – his greatest credit – contrives to put up with her!

If it feels so good, are there any plans to enlarge the family? No, says Duff, they are staying with Luca for the time being, and he is not going to get a sibling in the foreseeable future.

It’s certainly early days to broach this subject yet, for the author-cum-actress-cum singer has taken (and is still taking) pains to regain her pre-birth body and lose weight. After much workout she had slimmed down to wearing 26-inch jeans by last December, and she gives the credit for that to her personal trainer.

Duff’s “amazing” sports hero is called Gabe Johns, and he seems to be responsible for the loss of something like 30 pounds, after which, shares the With Love singer, she felt lighter and more confident of herself. Johns, a boxing trainer, comes over and makes Duff run all over the canyon where she lives. Besides, on the schedule are boxing and circuit exercises, which go down well with the movie star and help her drop unwanted pounds.

Besides, Duff has been a Pilates aficionado for 6 or 7 years, and she is grateful to her wonderful Pilates strainer Vivica. The third person who contributed heavily to her perfect sculpting is Harley Pasternak.

But the person who earned the most praise from her is her 2-year-long husband Mike, who slipped into the role of a hands-on parent with ease. After a 5-month rhythm-setting period he became a fine dad, and Duff said that seeing him with Luca is a blissful and “sweet” sight.

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