How Claudia Schiffer Looks after Pregnancy

As Claudia Schiffer strutted over the red carpet at Cannes a few days ago, she certainly drew a lot of attention, and quite a lot of it was on the account of her figure. Many people were struck by her thinness; the word “gaunt” was very much in use. The Daily Mail said the supermodel looked “skinnier than ever”, and RadarOnline was shocked enough to call in a nutritionist for an expert opinion.

Claudia Schiffer, Cannes 2011

The expert, Majid Ali, hastened to exonerate himself to some extent by saying that he had not treated the famous model, but affirmed that, taking into consideration the fact that she gave birth to daughter Cosima last year, she was too fast dropping her pregnancy weight. Ali went by her face that he also called gaunt and by the skin around the arms that he said was too loose. Her abs looked puffed, he added, which is a sign of too scanty a diet.

The Mail made a point of harking back to Schiffer’s body image talk with the Bunte magazine five years ago where the mother of three recalled her beginnings when she was regarded as one of the fattest models. She went on to say that although at the time all of them strives to be thin, the thinness that is in nowadays looks wrong. “Today they are even thinner, which is unbelievable,” she said complaining of the boney effect. Has she now joined in with the modern trend?

Schiffer, 40, sported a transparent Dolce & Gabbana dress done in black lace at Cannes.

Source of the image: Daylimail.

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