How Much Are Celebs Paid for Their Babies’ First Photos?

Celebrities can make PR from everything, including such a newsworthy event as the birth of a child. The most influential editions fight for the right to make the first shooting of star babies.


Jessica Simpson is said to have made a bad bargain. She sold the first photos of her newborn daughter for only 800,000 dollars to the People magazine. This is a very small sum by today’s standards.

Judge for yourself. Jennifer Lopez has earned six million dollars for exclusive photos of her twins (she was also paid by the People magazine). Nicole Richie got one million, and Christina Aguilera – $ 1.5 million. According to Forbes, this is exactly what they received for their babies’ photos.

However, there is no need to worry about Jessica Simpson. She will earn on her pregnancy. Or it is better to say – the weight loss after pregnancy. Jessica participates in the project of the Us Weekly magazine, where she will give a detailed account of her post-baby weight loss for 4 million dollars.

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