Is Kate Middleton Pregnant?

Circumstantial evidence is piling up making Us as well as many other people suspect that Kate Middleton may be heavy with Prince William’s child.

Kate Middleton Pregnant

Her midsection has clearly become the center of her attention as Middleton was first spotted giving up on peanut paste, that famous no-no food for pregnant women, and then photos of her nursing her stomach appeared.

This week, while visiting a UNICEF distribution center in Copenhagen, Denmark, the royal wife was constantly touching and stroking herself around her waistline over the chic red coat she had on. The movements seemed so compulsive that it attracted other people’s attention.

As the UK Daily Mail reports from the words of a UNISEF event visitor, the 29-year-old’s hands kept returning to her stomach in gestures that the source called “very noticeable” and “very odd.” They looked uncontrollable, and the visitor noticed her cradling herself where the baby bump grows with both hands at once at a time.

William and Kate never denied they are planning to have kids. True, in his interview last November the Prince said they would be moving “one step in the time” and let the marriage state sink in first before proceeding to the children stage, but maybe the plans have changed?

Source of the image: Parentsexpert.

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