It’s a Girl for the Bruni-Sarkozy Family

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, the First Lady of France, has given birth, as reported by Le Figaro. The illustrious event occurred on Wednesday in Paris; Bruni-Sarkozy was taken to the Clinique de la Muette in the morning and delivered at about 8 p.m. It’s a girl, and the first child born to a French ruling man for almost two centuries – since Napoleon!

Sarcozy family

The happy parents have already given the name to the newborn – Giulia. By the way, Carla Bruni was born in Turin, Italy, and probably it was more of her idea to name her daughter Giulia. Anyway, we at would like to congratulate the Bruni-Sarkozy family with their newborn daughter!

The 56-year-old French president Nicolas Sarkozy and Bruni-Sarkosy, 43, got married in February 2008, Sarkozy having three children by previous wives, and the singer-cum-actress – one child by a former boyfriend. The news of their first child together became public in July.

The First Lady had already said that no photos of the baby will be forthcoming, since she believes it should not excite any interest whatsoever.

Source of the image: Hollywood.

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