Jenna Fischer: It’s Okay to Stay a Bit Bigger after Pregnancy

When you have a child, it triggers off so many important issues that losing baby weight can hardly qualify as a priority, believes Jenna Fischer.

Her baby, Weston, was born last September, so the Office star knows what it is about. In her interview for Celebuzz the actress spoke disparagingly of celebrity mothers’ growing trend to slim down almost immediately upon giving birth.

Fischer said that a new mom gets under so much pressure that worries over what people expect her body should be looking like in a matter of weeks after delivery oughtn’t to aggravate it. She flares up when she sees another photo of somebody striking poses in a bikini some two months after having a baby.

The thought of having given birth to a human being ought to outweigh these petty considerations, and mothers deserve a “free pass,” the 38-year-old mom asserts. It’s the time for celebrating and not for taking drastic steps to get back to pre-baby bod.

“Let me please stand in solidarity with all of the women who are not a size 2 six weeks after leaving the hospital,” Fischer told Us Weekly at the Screen Actors Guild Awards four months after she gave birth to Weston. She also accentuated that she is happy with her figure and means to stay this way “for a little bit longer.”

Another thing the actress doesn’t stand for is the breastfeeding excuse one sometimes gets from celeb moms. In her case breastfeeding wasn’t affecting her weight, she said.

Weston is the first child for Jenna Fischer and her husband screenwriter Lee Kirk, who got married in 2010.

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