Jennifer Lopez Wants a Baby by Boyfriend Casper Smart

Recently, Jennifer Lopez, 43, admitted in an interview that she did not mind becoming a mother again. Jen spoke about it in quite a blurry way, but sources believe – the diva not only doesn’t mind but is definitely ready for the birth of a baby in the nearest future, and she wants a child from Casper Smart.

Jennifer Lopez

To increase the chances of getting pregnant Lopez will try IVF (in vitro fertilization).

The insiders said:

“She’s scared that time isn’t on her side with regards to her age. But she’s hoping that with fertility treatments she’ll be pregnant in the next couple of months.”

According to the same sources, Jennifer keeps the procedures in a secret. It’s so big that even Casper Smart signed a letter of non-disclosure.

She is afraid that people will know about the problems with her pregnancy because she feels old.

“He [Casper] loves Jennifer and he knows he’s set financially for life if she has his baby. They made a deal that when the pregnancy happens, Jen will make it sound like an ‘oops’ and a blessing at the same time, even though she’s actually planned the whole thing, “

It was also reported that due to differences in the conditions of the marriage contract the couple set aside the wedding preparations. Jen is more interested in trying to get pregnant than in wedding planning.

As usual, any messages by the whistleblowers are instantly denied. Other sources called the information inaccurate. Moreover, in their opinion, the couple’s relationship is not going smoothly, and Jennifer cheats on Casper with rapper Pitbull.

“He’s immature and he doesn’t have [Lopez’s] drive, ambition. She loved being part of a Latin power couple with Marc, and she’d love nothing more than to get married again to a singer of her stature.”

Which is better for Jennifer? We can learn only from her. So we continue monitoring the changes in the celebrity’s life.

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