Jessica Alba Pregnant with Baby #2

It’s a second baby coming for Jessica Alba and Cash Warren! They are collecting virtual congrats, yours would be welcome too!

Jessica Alba pregnant

It was a Wednesday Twitter announcement from Warren that served as the official news of the new baby to come. According to the UsMagazine information from a trusted source, Alba, 29, is into her fourth month. Alba and Warren, his message read, are “beyond excited” over it.

Meanwhile, the happy parents enjoy congratulatory tweets that are flooding in. Alba thanked everyone for the well-wishing messages, saying that “they really mean a lot” to her. Warren, 32, tweeted that every new congratulation made them beam all over. The couple want the fans to know that they are sending their love in return for what they receive.

The news make the couple’s first daughter, two-year-old Honor, an elder sister, a position, Warren is sure, that she will be glad to fill.

While Alba is going through her pregnancy, cravings begin to set in. Going by her tweets, she just cannot withstand the pleasure of fresh popcorn.

Source of the image: Celebrifi.

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