Kate Middleton Is Expecting a Daughter?

A new wave of rumors about the firstborn child of Prince William and Duchess Catherine was raised by the expectant mother herself. During a visit to Grimsby, she was presented with a teddy bear – and the unexpectedness of this gift caused Catherine’s “slip of the tongue”:

Kate Middleton Pregnant

“Thank you, I will take that for my d ….”.

Then, according to witnesses, she interrupted herself, got embarrassed and silent. The local resident, who had presented Catherine with the toy, decided to clarify it:

“You were going to say daughter, weren’t you?”

Catherine immediately shook her head and gave a negative answer:

“No, we don’t know! We’re not telling! “

Despite her comments, the rumor that the royal couple was going to have a daughter spread in the tabloids at the speed of light.

We are sure that the spouses themselves will reveal the sex of their first child soon: be that as it may, Catherine gets along with both boys and girls equally easily and, judging by the pictures of her official visits, she will definitely be a model mom.

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