Linda Evangelista’s and Salma Hayek’s Children Have the Same Father

There’s a case coming up in court concerning fatherhood of supermodel Linda Evangelista’s son, 4-year-old Augustin James. The filed papers state that the boy’s father was François-Henri Pinault, husband to Salma Hayek since 2009.

François-Henri Pinault

Pinault, who fathered a son and a daughter during his previous marriage, divorced his wife in 2004. He began dating Salma Hayek, now 44, two years later and it was about that time that he also got the supermodel pregnant. Now she is petitioning for support from Pinault, 49, a businessman from France.

A source who has access to the filing informed PEOPLE that the papers read that Pinault had acknowledged fatherhood of the 46-year-old supermodel’s son Augustin James, born out of wedlock. With this point established, it remains to determine the amount of the support Pinault will have to pay to Evangelista until the boy turns 21 years of age.

“All that’s left is for a magistrate is to go over the father’s filings and make a determination of support,” the source explained adding that Pinault had asked for a permission to testify by phone.

Pinault’s family runs luxury goods production and sales and their fortune is believed to amount to $16-18 billion. Last year the businessman’s salary constituted $5.4 million, a figure given in the Bloomberg Businessweek.

The petition was filed in New York, and the law of the state rules that 17% of the father’s earnings are to cover child support. Consequently Pinault’s share in the bringing up of his son can come to a yearly sum of something like $900,000.

Both Hayek’s and Evangelista’s reps have not yet issued their comments, but another source reminded that, the child being born when none of the parents was married, “this is no Schwarzenegger case” and there is no question of infidelity involved.

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