Lisa Ling Is Expecting a Girl after a Miscarriage

Lisa Ling wasn’t going to give up after her miscarriage – and now she is carrying a bun in the oven!

Lisa Ling Is Pregnant

The news was given out by the TV journalist herself on Anderson Live on Wednesday when Ling turned up alongside Anderson Cooper, her one-time Channel One colleague. She had intended to keep mum about it as long as possible, Ling shared, but now she is growing a noticeable baby bump (“really big beer belly,” in her own words) and so decided to be the first to tell the world about it. Also, she brought along a sonogram of her oncoming baby, a girl.

The 39-year-old journalist married Paul Song, a physician and biotech firm president, back in 2007, and they have been trying to bear a child ever since. Their attempts ended in a sad miscarriage in 2010, after which Ling shared with More magazine that she was afraid to try again. Nevertheless, she averred, she and her husband were keen to have a child even if it meant adoption. “We both have so many great experiences we would love to share with either a biological or an adopted child,” said the journalist driving her point home.

While Lisa is still trying, her sister Laura gave birth to her first in 2010. She had been held captive in North Korea, and named the girl Li Jefferson Clayton in honor of two people who raised their voices for her release – her sister and President Clinton.

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