Mariah Carey Pregnant with Twins

The Carey-Cannon family secret is finally out – they are going to have twins!

Mariah Carey

The world heard the news on Thursday on the 92.3 Now radio show when Nick Cannon spilled the beans, unbeknownst to his wife (for which he expected to be yelled at later). Nevertheless he risked it, for he believes that their life is running “up front” and he needs “to be able to share things with you and be real.”

Listeners of the show were second to learn about the twins, the very first people to be privy to the news being no other than President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama! It occurred after Mariah Carey performed for the President’s family at the White House Christmas show. The singer had kept it a secret, but when she had a talk with the Obamas backstage she, thrilled and overcome with emotion, blurted out to the First Family that she is to become a mother soon. The illustrious couple were excited to hear that and questioned her.

One day the twins will be delighted to hear that story, Cannon is sure.

Still, for quite a long time Carey, 40, and Cannon, 30, intended to keep mum about it. “That was something that we were advised to keep close to ourselves,” Cannon explained. The news began to leak out last month when parents-to-be told Us Weekly how they tried hard to conceive with the tragic miscarriage still fresh on their minds. When they were definitely told that the pregnancy was successful, they started crying, Cannon shared, and still cry over it. “It’s an emotional journey.”

The latest pregnancy news are as good as the early ones – the ultrasound done the other day showed that the babies are healthy and the doctors are quite satisfied with how Carey is getting on.

Talking to Us, Carey said that the notion of herself and Cannon parenting children together still seems a bit strange to her, although they are long past the period when people raised their eyebrows upon hearing that they were a couple. But those close to them understand what keeps them together, added she.

Source of the image: Askmen.

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