Mariah Carey Had Premature Contractions On Her Birthday

March 27 could have been a triple birthday in Mariah Carey’s life as she started to have contractions right on the night of her 42nd birthday. Of course it was a little premature really, but the singer had moments when she definitely thought the expected twins would make it on her birthday!

Mariah Carey

Late Saturday night, as RadarOnline reported, Carey was taken to the hospital after she was seized with contractions, only to be released some time later as the situation was controlled successfully. So on Sunday her fans learned about the recent development from her Tweeter page. The five-Grammy artist is just a bit disappointed that it had been a false alarm.

Carey and Nick Cannon will be celebrating 3 years of their marriage at the end of April. Cannon already tweeted that he is bracing up for the birth – he means to be in the delivery room by his wife’s side.

Source of the image: Askmen.

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