Mel Gibson Must Give Ex Girlfriend $750,000

The Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva custody case was finally settled in an L.A. court on Wednesday when the formal settlement was signed off by the judge in the presence of both the actor and his ex-girlfriend. RadarOnline has the details of the deal. The court ruled that M-Gib and his Russian flame have joint custody of their child, daughter Lucia.

Actor Mel Gibson

Gibson is to pay Oksana $750,000 in three payments, and eventually Lucia is to receive the amount of money that is due to all Gibson’s children by his marriage to Robyn.

Oksana and Lucia are now occupying the house bought for them by Gibson, and the house will remain their property until the girl turns 18, upon which the house will be sold and the money placed into a trust for the daughter. Meanwhile the actor can visit the house whenever he chooses with the stipulation to bring along a designated person.

Any audio tapes of Gibson that Oksana may be in possession of must not be given over to the media unless Oksana is ready to forfeit the money due to her.

Source of the image: Okmagazine.

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