Octo-Mom’s Mother Gives Her Daughter the Rough Side of Her Tongue

“My daughter’s insane what can I say?” runs the ultimate verdict of Angela on her famous daughter, Nadya Suleman, 34, mother of eight children, often referred to as “Octo-Mom”, in her exclusive interview to RadarOnline.

Nadya Suleman

Nadya Suleman may soon find herself – and her numerous brood – evicted from her home in La Habra, California. She and her father have been neglecting payments lately.

Borrowing money doesn’t seem to have done the trick. Even considering the fact that Angela never got back a cent of what she had lent to her daughter. And that ran up to quite a sum! “I had two houses, and now I’m in a rental,” says Angela.

Declaring that she is done with solving her daughter’s problems, the lady nevertheless goes to see her grandchildren regularly and is ready to discuss them with alacrity. The octuplets are getting on to become fine and strapping children who are, in Angela’s eyes, “so lovable”. Now that they all are beginning to run and move about more, their grandmother (who is quite likely to be losing her home soon) is concerned that they need more room to play in.

According to Angela, four of the octuplets are two pairs of identical twins, and their mother cannot tell them apart!

Besides, there are six other children living in Nadya’s home.

She is “so out of it, she doesn’t care,” the grandmother of eight concludes.

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