Parenting Tips from Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is focused not only on her career, but also on educating her daughters. The actress has recently shared her methods with one publication, saying that from an early age she teaches the girls to pay attention to other people’s problems and think of those who feel worse than them.

Jessica Alba

This policy is not surprising because Jessica has been involved in charity work for some years, and even established The Honest Company fund, which helped disadvantaged children. In addition to her active participation in the organization, Alba is also involved in education, recruiting more and more supporters. Alba started with her family, having decided to involve her daughters in some good deeds.

Of course, one should not expect any strong support from four-year-old Honor Marie and one-year-old Haven Garner, but at least they are grateful listeners. Therefore, they carefully listen to their mom, when she tells them how to properly recycle waste or how poor people live:

“I talk to Honor about not wasting and recycling. I talk to her about having so many things and that there are children out there who don’t have what she has. “

These lessons are not in vain: so when the girl gets bored with her old toys or clothes, they give it to needy children.

In addition, Honor is already thinking about how to further benefit society. However, she mostly thinks about the underwater world:

“Honor is just running her mouth about her observations on the world, and her desire to be a doctor mermaid.”

All of this gives Jessica hope that Honor will be a good example for her younger sister. So far, baby Haven is focused on another feat – making her first step:

“I think Haven will be walking soon and every day she is saying a new word – right now it’s hot.”

Jessica admits she does not want to miss any important moment in the life of her little daughters, although her schedule does not always allow to do this:

“I am really into schedules. It helps me stay sane. You will never be perfect so just trying to take it one day at a time, do as much as you can and live in the moment. “

We wish the young and busy mom success in this endeavor!

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