Prince William’s Child Will Inherit the Throne

Queen Elizabeth II loves to present royal gifts: Her Majesty has presented her granddaughter with a Princess title.

Prince William, Kate Middleton - happy expecting parents

Wait, you might say! What granddaughter does Her Majesty mean? Prince William and Duchess Catherine still have not announced the sex of their baby!

That’s right. This gift will come in handy only in case the Crown Prince and his wife have a daughter (the son will be able to claim the throne anyway).

To commemorate the happy occasion, the Queen rewrote the law, which had been in force for a hundred years. The fact is that in the early 20th century, King George V decided that the throne could be claimed only by the son of the heir to the throne, and the daughter should be content with just the Lady title.

Now, Elizabeth II has decided to put an end to gender discrimination and provide her great-grandchildren with “Your Majesty” title regardless of their gender. The Queen signed the charters with the amended law on December 31, just before the New Year, and did not even bother to come to an agreement with the Parliament on this issue. It is only now that the Royal House has “unveiled” the innovations.

However, due to the changes, Prince Harry is unlikely to head the British empire. Apparently, a game of pool attracts him much more.

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