Royal Baby’s Room Is Ready

Sensational news about the couple of Duke William and Duchess Catherine of Cambridge expecting an heir reinforced the journalists’ attention to the royal family. In connection with the happy event in the royal family, the press received more reasons for all sorts of journalistic hypotheses ranging from the sex, name and color of eyes of the expected baby to its room, clothes, toys, and food.

One of these questions has already been answered – it’s about the baby room, that of the future King or Queen of the United Kingdom. A few days ago, William and Catherine turned to the boutique of children’s clothing, furniture, and toys in Beverly Hills and made the decorators happy by ordering everything needed to furnish their baby room.

According to the staff, the heir’s infant bed alone cost the parents over nine thousand dollars.

Here you can see the photos of attributes of the royal baby room – the infant bed, chest of drawers, baby carriage, armchair, and shelves – made at the time when the quite rare now things could be easily accessed in the room boutique.

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