Sienna Miller: I’d Give Birth Every Day

Sienna Miller, a successful actress, who has recently embodied the image of Tippi Hedren in the biopic about Alfred Hitchcock, has become a mother for the first time this year. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, the 30-year-old Hollywood star spoke about what motherhood meant to her.

Sienna Miller, a Young Mother

For most women, the birth of a child is a heavy and painful process, but Sienna admits she sees it differently. According to the actress, it was amazing! She says she would have done it a million times, day after day. Sienna Miller loved it.

Then Sienna revealed that motherhood still meant something surrealistic for her: she had raised a life in her tummy. The actress had thought that her daughter would always be a part of her, but then she realized that the baby was a different, unique human being. Of course, it used to be connected to her very strongly. But now it is already on its own.

Sienna and her fiancé Tom Sturridge have not resorted to the help of a nurse so far. There are only three of them, and they find it amazing, but at the same time it is sometimes incredibly difficult. Sienna says they will hire a nanny, but first she wants to understand what kind of a mother she can be.

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