Traveling with Children: How Celebs Do

Traveling as a family with six children is not a disaster, but the most common thing for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Demi Moore often appears in public with her three daughters, and it is not an event for them, but something of a tradition, just as a family dinner.

Brangelina Family

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt: 6 Children

The number of children in Hollywood families is not surprising. A new trend is that the family must be very large.

The first son of Angelina Jolie, Maddox, had been born before dating Brad Pitt. The actress did not think of a big family, she just wanted to raise a baby. People say, that it was one of the reasons why she finally won the heart of the most handsome man in Hollywood. There had been everything needed in the marriage of Pitt with the actress Jennifer Aniston, as Brad’s friends confessed. They had love, common interests, mutual understanding, but they had no children. Several years ago Brad’s dream of a large family came true: he became the head of a large family. Brad’s first adopted son is a Cambodian, he is followed by Angelina Jolie’s charming adopted black daughter Zahara from Ethiopia. Angelina Jolie went to adopt the girl together with Brad Pitt, arm in arm.

Then there was a blond beauty Shiloh Nouvel, the first biological child of the star parents. Jolie once joked to explain that they had adopted their second son Pax Thien (his homeland is Viet Nam) to have the balance between boys and girls. Jolie has repeatedly said she does not plan to have children, because there are so many orphans in the world, who need parents. But the twins Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline were born, and the balance between adopted and biological children has finally been reached.

According to Pitt, the children have turned his life into chaos, but the actor is happy about it and says that six children is just the beginning.

However, there is one small difficulty: the family is now reluctantly invited with their children. Especially after the bachelor Clooney told the whole movie world, what his mansion had been turned into by Pitt’s kids in a matter of a couple of hours.

The family’s hobby is traveling. For the foster kids not to lose contact with their native cultures, Jolie and Pitt are frequent visitors to Cambodia, neighboring Vietnam, and Ethiopia.

Heidi Klum and Seal: 4 Children

Heid Klum and Seal with 4 children

Heidi Klum calls her private life not an easy one, but very happy. The fans at first called her marriage to British singer Seal a fairy tale about the Beauty and the Beast. The fact is that Seal suffered from tuberculoderma as a child, that is why his face is covered with scars. Nevertheless, it was not he, who showed affection for Heidi. The “Angel” of Victoria’s Secret brand was the first to fall in love with a dark-skinned giant.

The couple have four children, but the parents do not plan to stop and intend to adopt a baby. The top model said that they had thought about the possibility of taking a foster child to their family, but finally they were convinced by the example of Sandra Bullock. Recently, the actress has adopted the boy Louis. Heidi and Seal are inspired by Sandra’s decision and are going to do the same. For the sake of raising children and spending more time with the family Heidi Klum once decided to leave the catwalk and terminate a million-dollar contract with the famous brand of underwear, which she had been working with for a long time.

The hobby of the family is fashion. Heidi says that Seal has an excellent taste, and she and their children have to try hard to match him.

Demi Moore: 3 Children

Demi Moore with three daughters and two ex-husbands

The actress’ childhood was not happy: her parents were addicted to alcohol, and it had the most unfortunate effect on the atmosphere in the family. Every day ended with a scandal and a fight. When the truth about Demi’s stepfather not being her biological father was revealed, the future actress could not stand this news for a long time and left home.

The actress wanted a big family, got married with a star of blockbusters, Bruce Willis, and gave birth to three daughters. In 2000, Demi Moore divorced, not being able to reconcile with the husband’s adultery and her best friend’s betrayal. Demi’s young fan, the unknown at that time actor Ashton Kutcher became the stepfather of her daughters and the actress’ husband. To the envy of Hollywood, Demi appeared at social events in the company of her husband, her three daughters and her ex-husband, with whom she maintained friendly relations.

This November was a run of bad luck for Demi, since she initiated a divorce after Kutcher’s extramarital affair. Unfortunately, the marriage was not saved even by the couple’s dream of adopting a child.

The hobby of the family is visiting social events.

Victoria and David Beckham: 4 Children

David and Victoria Beckham with children

The singer and designer and her famous husband, a soccer midfielder, already have three sons: 11-year-old Brooklyn, 8-year-old Romeo, and 5-year-old Cruz. Now, this “mini football team”, as the English people call the children of the star couple, includes a little sister, Harper Seven.

The soccer player has recently appeared on the field with a new tattoo, dedicated to the little girl. David Beckham dedicated other images on his body, his amulets, to Victoria and his sons. David says they have always wanted to have a big family. Who knows, maybe soon they will think about having the fifth child!

The family hobby is football. Even Victoria Beckham does not mind playing a little with their sons in the yard. But with the birth of the baby it can be changed soon!

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