Tyra Banks Dreaming of Becoming a Mom

Tyra Banks seems to be an exceptionally dynamic woman: she takes part in advertising campaigns, her photos appear in glossy magazines, she hosts a show on television, writes books, and runs her business… The only area where the 39-year-old fashion model may have failed to fully realize herself is her personal life.

Tyra Banks

In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar Singapore, Tyra said she really wanted to become a mother, and perhaps it would happen very soon. She admitted she was dreaming of a child, and she thought it would happen to her very soon. She feels like she was born to share something beautiful with the world, on the one hand, and to be a mother, on the other hand. This is something she really needs to do because she says she can not be happy if she does not give birth to a child.

One can be sure that Banks still has it in her future (40 years is no serious age in the modern world!).

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