Victoria Beckham Is Pregnant Again?

“Never say never!” is one of the mottos of the 38-year-old Victoria Beckham, which she likes to say when answering provocative questions. That was the case with the question about Victoria’s desire to have another child.

Victoria Beckham

It was the reason to suppose her next pregnancy. All in all, the working designer mom and the dad, soccer player David Beckham, have four children: their son Brooklyn is now 13, Romeo is nine, Cruz is seven, and baby Harper Seven is just one year old.

Confirming their status of one of the most successful and exemplary couples on the planet literally every day, the Beckhams never stop pursuing their career goals and family matters. So why not have another baby?

Meanwhile, the insiders of the star couple testify the unusual eating habits, which Victoria currently demonstrates, as well as her constant thirst. In addition, Posh behaved strangely at the closing of the Olympic Games and rejected alcohol, without even raising a glass to the good performance of the Spice Girls at such an important event! Answering the questions whether these are the symptoms of pregnancy, Vicky just smiles enigmatically.

And while she is smiling, the whole world is already discussing the sex of her future child. Tabloids are stirred by the dubious news, and we could not have failed to discuss this topic with you. What if it turns out to be true?

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