Weightlifter Elizabeth Poblete Gives Birth during a Training Session

Elizabeth Poblete, 22, Olympic weightlifter from Chile, didn’t experience a minute of her pregnancy. She never knew she was pregnant at all until her child clamored to be let out!

Elizabeth Poblete

The story appeared on a local news website that reported the stunning fact of delivery in a gym in Sao Paulo, Brazil. While lifting weights, Elizabeth Poblete felt queer and called for a doctor, upon which it turned out that she was pregnantand in labor.

No-one was more surprised than the mother herself. She had been having irregular menstruation lately, but she put it down to trainings and a special diet known to produce such an effect.

Doctors believe that Poblete must have been on her sixth month and the birth was premature. The baby (it was a boy) came 2.54 pounds heavy (1.15 kilograms) and was named Eric Jose. Mother and son were taken to hospital straightaway, and the baby is receiving full medical attention.

Among those stunned by the occurrence is Horacio Reis, San Paulo gym head weight trainer, who rubbed shoulders with Elizabeth Poblete often enough. “A week ago I acted as a judge in a competition in Chile and this girl was competing. All went well and she won the competition.” The only thing he marked was the girl’s strength and muscular build.

Poblete participated in last year’s Beijing Olympics and intended to put on yet more muscle that would enable her to enlist into the 75-kilo category.

Source of the image: daylife.com.

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  1. Debra Melina

    If she didn’t even know she was preggo I can’t imagine this baby’s going to grow up with a very attentive mother…

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