Why Don’t Celebs Cut Their Children’s Hair?

Little Briton Rean Carter is five years old, and his hair still has not been touched by scissors. The boy’s golden hair reaches down to his waist, and he dreams about visiting a barber. But … his mother is against it!

Perhaps the romantic parent just follows the example of some star mothers, who at various times allowed their sons to display shoulder-length hair.

The Story of Rean Carter’s Long Hair

According to Leeanne Smith, the mother of the long-haired angel, when Rean was born, his head was adorned with golden curls. The hair grew, and she just could not raise her hand to cut it. Now Rean has very soft long hair, and he is often mistaken for a girl while walking along the street. Previously, the boy would not get offended at all, he just laughed in response…

As soon as the handsome boy went to school, everything changed. The mother had to do the hair in a ponytail, and the classmates immediately thought it was an occasion for jokes. Tired of ridicule, Rean asked his mother to take him to the barber. But the lady weeps at the mere thought that she will have to cut the boy’s hair. She is sure she will just burst into tears when it happens. For the golden locks not to be wasted, the child’s parents want to give them to the cancer treatment center, where they can be used to make a wig.

Celine Dion’s Son René-Charles Used to Have Long Hair

Rean is not the only boy with long hair. René-Charles, Celine Dion‘s son, had once been known for having magnificent hair. The boy, who is now 11 years old, used to have his hair below his shoulders, and he never collected and sticked it. Oprah Winfrey asked Celine in 2008 why she would not take the boy to a beauty salon. The singer said it was the boy who decided when to get a haircut. By that time René had not voiced any of such plans, but Celine Dion was sure that once her son would have his hair cut. And a year later, René finally came with an idea to have his first haircut at the age of eight years.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Son James Wilkie Loves Having Long Hair

Sarah Jessica Parker‘s son is another fan of long hair. James Wilkie’s reluctance to have a “haircut like a boy” does not bother his mother, but raises much discussion in the press. From time to time, tabloids appear with the headlines like “Is it time for a haircut, James Wilkie?” or “Sarah Jessica has no time to take her son to the barber?” At the same time Parker is confident that her child’s desire really matters, and if he does not want to cut his hair, let him have it.

Kate Hudson’s Son Ryder Was Against Hair Cut

But Kate Hudson still took her child to the barber, as he grew older. Ryder Robinson, Kate’s eldest son from her marriage to rocker Chris Robinson, did not want to get a haircut at first. The little boy followed the example of his long-haired father. Kate admitted before the haircut that it must have been the influence of his father. The boy just liked how Chris looked, and he wanted to be the same.

Cindy Crawford’s Son Presley Walker

Cindy Crawford’s son, as well as our first hero Rean, had been too often confused with girls just before he cut off his blond curls. Presley now looks like a man. But the beauty is still with him, irrespective of the long or short hair.

What do you think about the children’s haircuts? Do we need to take into account the child’s opinion in such matters?

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  1. Wendi Merit

    My son has angel curls almost to his waist. He loves his long hair. When asked how he feels about being teased he says he didn’t care at all. He is 9 years old.

  2. sue

    I love little boy with very hair I down to the knee or long with earring both ear get ear piece after few months old I think they look good I have hair down to the floor and wear very big earring in my both ear I marriage to lady she just love it she wants to grow my hair she help me look after I am going grower longer I think I won’t stop grow it too nice too cut it

  3. sue

    Boy should have long hair with ear ring both ear they look cool

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