Why Jerry O’Connell Doesn’t Want More Children

Jerry O’Connell is having his hands full trying to bring up his two girls, and for the time being the very idea of begetting another child has no appeal for him. As he put it to UsMagazine at People’s Choice Awards Wednesday, “my factory is not closed, but it’s finished!”

Jerry O'Connell with twins

The 36-year-old actor and his wife Rebecca Romijn, 38, share a marriage that will soon be 4 years old, and twin girls, Dolly and Charlie, who turned 2 on December 28.

It seems like The Sliders star didn’t have a quiet moment with the twins since then, thanks mostly to one of them who already earned the moniker “the bad one”.

When she is denied something, O’Connell’s “bad brat” is apt to play up, throwing herself down on the ground and doing something outrageous to show her protest – a habit her father compares to hippie protests of the sit-in nature.

Besides having to endure public scenes, the actor has to cope with grooming now and then, another parent task he has grown to hate. Not having sisters or any first-hand experience of women grooming, he clashes with the necessity constantly – and with the girls whom he has to hold down to comb their hair.

The process can look so unseemly that O’Connell has to eschew doing it in a public place in fear of people thinking that he is abusing his children.

Suspected of growing tomboyish manners by their father, Dolly and Charlie have started school recently – the fact that is fraught with possible additional difficulties for the actor.

Talking to UsMagazine, he told of his wife coming to pick up the girls and noticing that one of them wasn’t paying attention to what was going on in class while the other was doing fine.

O’Connell went on to joke about dreaming to find a pre-military school to give his girls a proper kind of rearing!

Source of the image: Celebitchy.

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