William and Kate Breaking British Traditions

Centuries-old traditions, which the British Empire is famous for, may soon change – in fact, they are already alternating. And the “wind of change” is blowing from the inside – the key innovators of these changes are Prince William and Duchess Catherine.


The spouses expect the birth of their first child now, but they are already planning, who will be raising their future heir.

Contrary to monarch traditions, Catherine and William have decided to refuse the services of an entire team of servants, teachers and tutors. They felt that it would be enough to be assisted by a single nanny, working part-time.

The couple want to raise their baby by themselves and spend with it as much time as possible. Catherine plans to continue her charitable work soon after giving birth.

William and Catherine want to raise the kid by themselves, and they also want to show the whole world to the child, instead of keeping the heir in the Buckingham Palace away from human eyes. According to an insider, the spouses cannot be called homebodies. One may be sure it will have an impact on their children – they will play in the street and travel.

We have seen what the royal education program will be like, but meanwhile every effort of Katherine’s is aimed at combating toxicosis.

The great-grandmother of the future baby – Queen Elizabeth II – also proved she is not a “conservative” one. Elizabeth II bypassed all the traditions, having invited Katherine’s parents (not related to the royal blood) to the annual Christmas dinner.

Carol and Michael appreciated the unprecedented decision of the Queen and gladly accepted the invitation of the royal relative.

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