10 Metabolism Tricks to Drop Weight

If you are really bent on losing these unneeded pounds, you should certainly follow a sensible diet, but as your digestion depends on your metabolic rate, the diet had better be seconded by several simple ways to enhance metabolic processes.


A better metabolism will ensure healthier and faster weight burning and strengthen your health in all aspects, actually, it’s one of the best ways to improve your health with lasting results.

Look up some of the ideas how to boost the body metabolism easily.

1. Cardiovascular exercising on a regular basis

Walking is healthy, but it has little exercising value. The idea is, when you are walking, to alternate your movements – after several minutes’ walk break into a run and run for a minute, then walk for 2 minutes, then run again. If you keep it up for about half an hour the metabolism rate will raise significantly and will go on burning calories even after you have desisted.

2. The fats you eat should be healthy

It’s wrong to think that you need to avoid eating all kinds of fats, the thing is to ensure that the fats you eat are healthy. A diet containing a lot of monounsaturated fats and omega-3 fatty acids will do wonders to your metabolism. Include salmon and other kinds of fatty fish, nuts, seeds, olive oil, canola, and you will get the right fats.

3. Your diet should have enough protein

In order to lose weight in a healthy way, your body needs protein. Enough protein enhances metabolism as the body exerts to process it; then, protein means muscle mass, and muscles burn extra calories much more effectively than fat. Besides, protein-rich foods make you feel full and not wanting to snack for a longer period of time. So, include chicken, turkey, egg whites, and dairy products with low fat content.

4. Boost metabolism with dark green vegetables

Dark green vegetables with large leaves – spinach, broccoli, kale – are good for your digestion and therefore increase metabolism rate. Also, they bring in iron, which is necessary for women, for it improves the red blood cells that transport nutrients all over the body.

5. Hot food and spicy dishes are better

Scientists agree that eating richly spiced dishes makes the body burn fat faster. Pungent peppers like chili or jalapenos contain capsaisin which stimulates thermogenesis, that is, runs up the body temperature, and thus speeding up the fat-burning processes.

6. Apples are wholesome

Rich in fiber and various vitamins, apples are so salubrious that you can’t overestimate them. They improve metabolism, assuage hunger cramps, and are good for digestion.

7. Green tea is wholesome

Green tea is also known as a dieter’s tea due to its healthy properties of which there are many, and more to be discovered yet. Catechins, an agent in green tea, influences metabolic processes strongly. In addition, green tea contains antioxidants which help get rid of body waste and can inhibit the development of cancer.

8. Water is wholesome

Metabolism is very sensitive to plain water, and as you drink more plain water, you can cause a 30 % increase in your metabolic rate! The average dose of water intake is eight 8 oz glasses per day, and more if you are active during the day. If you’re not used to drinking still water, make it sparkling, and squeeze in a little lemon juice to enhance its wholesomeness.

9. Don’t eat late in the day

A few hours prior to retiring for the night is the worst time for eating imaginable. At night all metabolic processes slow down and fat is burned much slower. Sometimes it is not burned at all, but the unprocessed food is laid by for storage as extra fat. Therefore meals with the same amount of calories are much healthier if eaten in the afternoon.

10. Avoid stressful situations

If you have to labor under stress, your body is apt to preserve fat, believing that you may need it to live through hard times. As you reduce stress through relaxation techniques, the body receives other orders and resumes fat burning.

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