10 Ways to Cheat Kids into Eating Healthy Foods

A survey of 3,000 mothers commissioned by Philips AVENT shows that parents still have to resort to white lies to inveigle their kids into eating healthy meals, and how often do you think it happens? Usually twice a day.

Fruits and vegetables

So every day the average parent has to somehow steer the kid(s) from gobbling some sweet stuff and wash it down with a fizzy drink to eating fruits and vegetables that are looked upon by children as the worst meal ever… And the results of the survey reveal that 60 per cent parents find themselves in perplexity over what to say except to fall back on time-honored ways of persuading.

The most popular meal lies ever are as follows:

  1. Vegetables help you grow big and strong.
  2. Popeye got his muscles from eating spinach.
  3. This looks like fruit but it is called “sports candy”.
  4. If you eat carrots you will be able to see in the dark.
  5. Don’t eat apple pips, or they will grow into a tree inside you.
  6. Those who eat a lot of crusts have curly hair.
  7. Drinking fizzy stuff will make your teeth soft.
  8. All right, give it to me, I’ll throw it away.
  9. Sweetcorn helps kids grow as big as the Big Green Giant.
  10. If the ice cream van plays music, it means there are no more ice creams left.

(Be careful with the last one for you may get caught on it!)

That’s what 80 per cent mothers keep saying to their unwilling offspring day after day trying to install the habits of wholesome eating. Half of them have to suppress a guilty feeling when they are doing that, again twice each day!

A spokesperson for Philips AVENT said that meal times may well be “the most stressful part of the day” for millions of parents.

Nevertheless it’s worth it for toddlers ought to get the nutrients they need to grow up properly, even if it means telling endless fibs and generally turning meal times into “a nightmare”.

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