3 Fruits Pregnant Women Mustn’t Eat

Pregnant women are constantly overloaded with information about what is useful and what is harmful. However, all sensible people realize even without being pregnant that smoking and drinking are harmful. But vitually nothing is said about the fact that not all fruits are good for future moms.

Pregnant Woman Eating Healthy Foods
Of course, natural vitamins are great, but be aware that some kinds of fruit can have a negative impact on the baby or cause preterm labor.

1. Pineapples May Cause Miscarriage

Pregnant women, especially in the early stages, are forbidden to eat pineapples. This exotic fruit may affect the carrying of the fetus and cause a miscarriage. The ladies, who are on the final stage of pregnancy, drink pineapple juice to cause contractions and give birth sooner.

2. Pregnant Women Should Be Careful with Papaya

Expectant mothers are not recommended to eat unripe papaya. Such exotic causes uterine contractions. But ripe papaya is very useful, it is rich in vitamins that the baby needs and can protect the future mom from constipation and heartburn.

3. Grape May Raise Body Temperature

Grapes should be abandoned during pregnancy as they raise the temperature. In addition, grapes cause winds, and increased intestinal motility is contraindicated to pregnant women.

You should always wash fruits and vegetables, otherwise you will face the risk of becoming a victim of toxoplasmosis that is very dangerous for the baby.

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