5 Ways to Lose Weight

Have you always achieved your goal and succeeded in dropping these excessive pounds – or did you have to give it up after a while without getting as slim as you had set out to be? If you failed, don’t think all is lost – probably it just needs a different approach. What about taking a leaf from the book of B Nutritious’ leading diet expert Brigitte Zeitlin and set a line of easy targets? What if we map the process out like this:


Resolve to have two cups of vegetables for lunch and dinner

Set a specific amount (two cups or about two handfuls) for yourself and get a plate of the right size: these simple measures will make the execution of your resolution a mechanical, habitual routine. Don’t just say “I will eat more vegetables” – if you put it to yourself with more precision, you will know exactly what to do.

Resolve to work out three days a week

Again, those who think “I am going to work out a lot” aren’t really setting a very definite goal. And you may not be able to go to the gym every day. So, the big idea is to plan it as realistically as possible, and make it compatible with your other everyday affairs.

Resolve to drink alcohol not oftener than twice a week, and quit after two glasses

A glass of wine puts you up in calories more than you may actually realize. If you’re serious about dropping weight, you will also have to control your alcohol intake. So you would do well to know beforehand how many glasses you can afford – and consider your priorities if you have already drunk on two nights this week and are tempted to indulge again!

Resolve to go in for water when you feel like taking a soda

To make your weight loss program healthier still, exclude soda and juices from your diet. Confine yourself to water strictly for the period. The best bet is to take about 10 glasses of water every day: easier to know how much you have already had so far and keep your body hydrated properly.

Resolve to have ample and regular night’s sleep

People are not always aware that their sleep is linked with success of their weight loss plan. With enough quality sleep you may be sure of healthy body maintenance. Don’t forget that while shuteye your body keeps working, and it goes to enhance your immune system performance. In case you’re not able to stick to eight hours’ sleep every night for some reason, set a smaller goal and go to bed half an hour before your usual time.

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